4 Reasons You Should Be Wearing Shoe Covers

Here at BootieButler, we know the importance of a good shoe cover but most average working consumers may not think twice about investing in a shoe cover system or purchasing a box of disposable covers. Shoe covers aren’t just for hospitals anymore and can be beneficial for personal or professional use. Check out the 4 reasons you should be wearing shoe covers and see if a new purchase could make a change in your 网络电玩游戏 or business. 


  1. Protect Your Flooring

Whether you’re a real estate agent showing a house or a proud owner of new hardwood floors, shoe covers can help protect your investment. Shoe covers can help prevent major scuffs or scratches while providing breathability and anti-slip protection. 


  1. Maximize Your Productivity

Have you ever tried to manually put on a shoe cover? It can be cumbersome and time-consuming, especially if it is a part of your daily routine. Automatic shoe cover dispensers can help you cut down on time and maximize your workday without the hassle of manual application. 


  1. Prevent Contamination

Shoe covers are often associated with hospitals for good reason. The proper use of quality shoe covers can help prevent bacteria or germs from contaminating sterile areas. However, hospitals are not the only place where shoe covers are beneficial. Industrial gardeners or daycare facilities can also utilize shoe covers to prevent cross-contamination in their place of work. 


  1. Keep Footwear Clean

Shoe covers are an easy way to protect your newest footwear purchase from unsightly stains or scratches. Whether you’re covering your shoes during a 网络电玩游戏 DIY paint job or protecting your footwear during a muddy morning commute, personal shoe cover usage can extend the life and appearance of your shoes in a snap. 


Find Your Fit Today

At the end of the day, shoe covers help you keep your space, shoes, and business clean and orderly. Access to shoe covers and automatic dispensers will show your clients, patients, or employees that you’re willing to go the extra mile to take care of your space. With 17 different shoe cover styles and the option to customize for your specific needs, there’s no reason to miss out on the benefit of shoe cover usage. Contact a BootieButler specialist today to maximize your efficiency, ensure your safety, and increase your cleanliness. 


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