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The Benefits of BootieButler®

Increase Efficiency · Increase Cleanliness · Increase Safety

Whether you are looking to increase efficiency and timeliness of employee safety compliance, focusing on improving cleanliness of your facility, or are looking to eliminate unnecessary down-time while applying the proper protective shoe covers, the BootieButler® shoe cover systems will be the perfect fit for your organization.


A faster way of implementing the use of shoe covers can mean higher adoption rates, better safety compliance, fewer slips, and increased productivity.

网络电玩游戏A sad fact is that the success of any workplace safety measure, such as shoe covers, depends upon individual workers following through with that measure.  Even in very dangerous situations like coal mining, workers will refuse the use of life-saving respirators because of the inconveniences associated with them. Workers are there to get a job done and when they feel the equipment is doing more to inhibit their job than to facilitate it, they will stop using that equipment.

Shoe Covers are your first and best line of defense for maintaining a clean workspace and reducing slip/fall accidents, but how good are they if workers won’t use them?  That’s why we’ve designed the perfect total solution – to keep your workplace Faster, Cleaner, & Safer.

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The risk of contamination can be a major issue in many industries. The BootieButler® Shoe Cover System is able to significantly reduce the risk of contamination through easy-to-use, hands-free, automatic shoe cover dispensers and removers. Increase safety compliance with touchless automatic application and removers along with a wide range of shoe covers in a variety of materials and features.

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It is important to provide a safe working environment for your employees. Creating a safe work environment is the right thing to do to for your employees, and it keeps your company safe from expensive down-time, rehires, disability payouts, and expensive lawsuits.

The BootieButler® Shoe Cover System keeps employees safer by reducing the risk of slips and falls due to unkempt work environments. While conventional shoe covers can help with this issue, the reality is that they are often not used because of the added frustration of having to put them on and take them off. By making the whole process easier, we increase the adoption rate and keep employees, HR, and Safety Managers happy.

Accidents are costly. You know it – and so does your insurance company! By putting a proper system in place, not only is there the potential to reduce direct costs from accidents including hospital and medical bills, but also the indirect costs of higher insurance premiums. In fact, by integrating the BootieButler® Shoe Cover System with your other safety measures, you may qualify for a reduction in your current insurance premiums.

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Customize Your System

The Easy-to-Use, Sanitary Method of Applying and Removing Shoe Covers!

Faster, cleaner, and safer than any alternative, BootieButler® Shoe Cover Systems are unmatched in high-volume shoe cover applications.
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