Best Practices for Shoe Covers in Health Care

When someone brings up shoe covers, hospitals are often the first thing that comes to mind. BootieButler provides countless products to help physicians, nurses, and hospital staff keep contamination and germs at bay. But the major question is “How should I be using these products?” Check out our guide for how to use the BootieButler system to create the most hygienic and efficient environment possible. 


  1. Avoid direct skin-to-shoe contact.

In the past, it was practice to manually apply shoe covers before scrubbing in or entering sterile areas in a hospital. However, this creates the possibility of spreading harmful bacteria. If a staff member touches a shoe and then proceeds to touch a door handle or equipment in a high-risk area, there is potential for germs to infiltrate a secure environment. Instead of manually applying shoe covers, try a hands-free shoe cover dispenser. This method allows for the hygienic application of shoe covers to keep risk low and rewards high. 


  1. Change your shoe covers frequently.

Medical staff moves quickly in a hospital. Between running a patient to the ER, scrubbing into an operating room, or entering a burn unit, it’s easy to forget that you need to change your shoe cover. New shoe covers for different environments are essential to avoid cross-contamination. Don’t track germs from the pediatric wing into the ICU. Change your shoe covers frequently and help keep sterile environments safe. 


  1. Wear the right shoe cover.

Not all shoe covers are equal. Paramedics may require covers with anti-slip patterns while surgeons might ask for full fluid protection. Do your research when deciding what is right for you. Luckily, there’s a shoe cover for every job and a job for every shoe cover. 


At the end of the day, responsible shoe cover usage could create all the difference in a volatile environment. Whether you need help choosing the right style or have questions about our dispenser systems, BootieButler is here to help every individual and business achieve their shoe cover needs. 

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