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BootieButler® Products

At BootieButler®, we pride ourselves on designing products that help your organization work faster, safer and cleaner.

With everything from our very own shoe cover systems, to bootie dispensers and removers, to various booties, BootieButler® has your organization covered.

Kinetic Butler Shoe Cover Dispensers

网络电玩游戏By choosing to complete your shoe cover system with the BootieButler® Shoe Cover Remover, you will access our complete hands-free, automatic shoe cover system, the way it was intended to be. The simple design of the Shoe Cover Remover allows booties to be quickly, safely and easily removed – eliminating the need to touch used shoe covers, wash hands and more, thus making time spent on the clock more efficient.

网络电玩游戏 Our Bootie Dispensers

Shoe Cover Removers

网络电玩游戏BootieButler®’s Automatic Shoe Cover Remover makes removing booties quick, easy, and safe. With a simple design, our Automatic Bootie Remover aids in the fast, hands-free disposal of soiled disposable booties.

What our automatic bootie remover ensures is an easy transition from setting to setting. This is especially important when workers must constantly shift from one work area to another. Increased productivity is an added bonus when workers can quickly go about their business without being caught up struggling to remove their used shoe covers/booties.

网络电玩游戏 Our Shoe Cover Removers

Booties & Shoe Covers

网络电玩游戏A modified version of the original BootieButler® Shoe Cover is an economical, anti-skid, and anti-static shoe cover that serves well in a variety of situations. Constructed of a durable spunbond polypropylene base-layer and coated with a heavy-duty layer of chlorinated polyethylene (CPE). The waterproof CPE layer, extra-deep design, and durable CPE coating make this bootie an ideal solution for users with large workboots.

网络电玩游戏 Our Shoe Covers

The Easy-to-Use, Sanitary Method of Applying and Removing Shoe Covers!

Faster, cleaner, and safer than any alternative, BootieButler® Shoe Cover Systems are unmatched in high-volume shoe cover applications.
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