Shoe Cover Etiquette for Open Houses

Wearing shoes indoors is, for the most part, widely accepted in American culture. Because of this, it can feel awkward or even pretentious to ask guests to remove their shoes inside your 网络电玩游戏. But when it comes to an open house, the last thing you want is potential buyers dragging their shoes through the 网络电玩游戏 you’ve worked so hard on. After all, it should look perfect for the big day. If the idea of asking your open house guests to remove their shoes seems intimidating, ask yourself the following questions to determine how necessary it really is:

  • What is the weather like? If it’s raining or muddy outside, guests are very likely to agree to remove their shoes upon entering the 网络电玩游戏.
  • What are the flooring conditions in the 网络电玩游戏 like? When you ask guests to remove their shoes in order to tour your 网络电玩游戏, they might be instantly inclined to inspect the conditions of your floors. If it’s not an area you wish to highlight, you may want to avoid this subject altogether.

You want your open house guests to feel comfortable and welcome, which can make this situation awkward or feel overwhelming. Shoe covers offer the perfect solution. Having shoe covers available for your guests takes away the pressure of asking people to actually remove their shoes. It also shows that you are cautious of what goes into your 网络电玩游戏 and that you care about the condition of the 网络电玩游戏 you are selling.

If you decide to provide shoe covers, make sure you also provide a chair or two near the front entrance so guests can put them on with ease. You may find it helpful to set up a sign directing guests towards the shoe covers; this will also help you avoid verbally telling every person that enters your open house.

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