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BootieButler® Shoe Cover Remover

By eliminating the need to touch used shoe covers/booties, the Automatic Shoe Cover/Bootie Remover becomes the sanitary, hygienic way to remove disposable shoe covers/booties and can prevent contamination. This can play a huge role in closely controlled environments.
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Shoe Cover Removers

The all new BootieButler Shoe Cover Remover is designed for companies that have a need to eliminate cross contamination. The Bootie Remover also works to improve worker safety & productivity by automatically removing shoe covers with a hands-free operation and without the need to bend over.

网络电玩游戏BootieButler®’s Automatic Shoe Cover Remover makes removing booties quick, easy, and safe. With a simple design, our Automatic Bootie Remover aids in the fast, hands-free disposal of soiled disposable booties.

网络电玩游戏What our automatic bootie remover ensures is an easy transition from setting to setting. This is especially important when workers must constantly shift from one work area to another. Increased productivity is an added bonus when workers can quickly go about their business without being caught up struggling to remove their used shoe covers/booties.

Integrated 10 Gallon Receptacle for up to 500 pieces

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网络电玩游戏 33 Gallon receptacle for over 1000 pieces

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网络电玩游戏 55 Gallon receptacle for over 2500 pieces

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