Why Every Daycare Needs Shoe Covers

Any parent who has a child in daycare will probably have this in common: their child has come 网络电玩游戏 more than once with a case of the sniffles or sneezes. Raising children can be a messy job and daycare has the potential for creating the perfect storm of bacteria and germs. Other health-conscious fields wear shoe covers to prevent contamination, but what about daycares? Here are three reasons why an automatic shoe cover system should be present in every child care facility.

  1. Child care facilities and daycares are where kids come to romp and play. Toddlers can often be seen crawling on the floor or playing with toys that have been sitting on the ground. While most daycares have strict hygiene regimens, many do not consistently utilize shoe covers. Children are much more susceptible to illnesses at a young age due to lower immune resistance. Caretakers and staff simply cannot keep every inch of the floor clean, but steps can be taken to reduce the amount of exposure to little ones. Consistent shoe cover usage can keep bacteria at bay and limit the contamination exponentially.
  2. Not only should daycare or childcare facility employees wear shoe covers, but parents and outside caretakers should adopt the practice, too! Whether coming from grocery shopping, a long day at the office, or a successful yard work project, parents have the potential to track in bacteria during drop off and pick up. Asking visitors to cover shoes at the door can prevent outside germs from infiltrating the same space where children crawl and play.
  3. While shoe covers by themselves are helpful, automatic dispensers take away the hassle of application. Parents and caretakers often have their hands full with toddlers and toys, but the BootieButler automatic shoe cover dispenser makes hands free application a snap. Slipping on the shoe cover can take as little as 5 seconds and helps prevent the spread of bacteria into a sterile environment.

Convinced you need a proper shoe cover system but not sure where to start? Take a look at our KineticButler Shoe Cover Dispensers to see how easy it is to create a safe environment for any child care facility.

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